What are the most helpful pillows for shoulder and neck support?

Best Pillow Support for Shoulder Pain

The proper pillow support helps you relieve stress and pain from tight or injured shoulders. A soft foamy pillow gives comfort to the shoulder pain as well as your body. In case you want the best pillow support for your shoulder pain, here are the best selections to go for.

ZAMAT Contour Memory Foam Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

The ZAMAT Contour Foam Pillow is a soft cervical pillow that is made to give comfort to a person who is tired or is in pain. It is designed specifically for neck pain, shoulder pain both for the side and on the back.

It is adjustable 0.8″ thick foam that gives a relaxing sleep experience and guarantees pain relief in the next morning. It is made to be used as an orthopaedic pillow or a simple pillow just by changing its sides that give a different feel according to the need of the user at the moment.

It is high-quality, odourless memory foam that also a washable cover which makes it easier to clean and reuse. It is CertiPUR-US certified for its quality. The double pillowcases on this pillow give great plushness to the user to help him feel better.

The quality of this pillow is very breathable and durable due to its stretchy Austrian cotton and polyester body. One can always make the best use of this pillow that would help him reduce his neck and shoulder pain and improve his sleeping pattern.


  • Odourless Memory thick foam
  • Ergonomically perfect for shoulder pain relief
  • Polyester body


  • Not suitable for disabled people

Coisum Back Sleeper Cervical Pillow

The Coisum Back Sleeper Cervical Pillow is a great pain reliever for your shoulder with its Ergonomic design made perfectly for shoulder and neck support. It has a breathable high-quality cover that is also washable after use. This foam makes sure that your head, neck, and shoulders stay align perfectly with your body when you lie on it to rest.

There is a hole-inside design with this pillow to cradle your head and shoulders for good support to reduce pressure on your body and get relieved from the pain. The wings around the pillow are in the perfect cutout to match your shoulders and support them very well.

The quality foam used in the Coisum pillow has medium hardness and temperature sensing. The pillowcase is also skin-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about an itchy surface or any allergy issues. This pillow also has 2 contour heights on both of its sides that you can set for your resting position to get the benefit.


  • Breathable quality pillow with detachable pillowcase
  • Perfect design for air ventilation to keep the pillow cool
  • Medium hardness quality with temperature sensing


  • Not suitable to use if there are any health conditions with a person

Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

Elviros Cervical Memory Foam Pillow is a contour pillow for your shoulders and neck that gives a proper ergonomic orthopaedic design to help relieve your pain and stress. It is one of the best pillows for side sleepers who are having problems with their shoulder pain while sleeping or resting.

This contour design pillow is made from 38% Ice Silk Viscose With 62% of Polyester that gives a great result. It perfectly aligns your body in shape and helps your head, neck and shoulders to stay in a relaxed position to stay stable and comfortable. It also brings a great reduction of pain and stress in your spine and cervical vertebra.

The design of this pillow is beautiful, having a natural curve to give air passages that are best for less snoring and more restful sleep. You can even place your arms easily around this pillow with the cutouts on the side to give an angle to your shoulder to relieve your pain.

It has 2 heights that are for both the back and side sleeping position of your body. Back sleepers can use the higher side of the pillow that has 2 horns to support the head for maximum comfort. The side sleepers can use the lower side of this pillow to relax their shoulders and body.

The removable pillowcase allows you to get breathable air that circulates through its surface and keeps the pillow while you rest on it. The material used is chemical-free in this pillow, and it has zippered for easy removal of the cover.


  • Best for relieving pain from shoulders and spine
  • Good curves to support shoulder and neck
  • Adjustable for side sleepers and back sleepers


  • None

Zoey Sleep Side Sleeper Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

The Zoey Sleep Side Sleeper Pillow is an adjustable pillow with a great cooling pillowcase that is easy to remove and it’s also very easy to wash as well. This is a fully adjustable pillow that enables you to remove or add the amount of shredded memory foam fill according to your choice to match your resting and sleeping needs.

It is the best pillow support for shoulder pain relief with a very much desirable comfortable pillow height. The design of this pillow is also very ergonomic and designed specifically to reduce your pain from the back and shoulders.

Having a soft and breathable outer case of the pillow gives it a cutout for the air through its surface. It’s a very lightweight and comfortable plush supportive pillow that is CertiPUR-US and OEKO Certified.


  • Cooling pillowcase for ease
  • Good cutout for head and shoulders for better ventilation
  • Customizable shredded memory foam


  • Not recommended to use without doctor’s prescription


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